Review #1 – The Chef’s View

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“I not only taste their food. I look at the quality of their food and the cleanliness of their kitchens.


3 star marks


Giovanni taught his wait staff well. They are sharp with the service and atmosphere. Although they are not five star waiters, they were pretty close. Giovanni did some renovations since the last time we were there – it looks a lot better. It has that Italian decor you see in the magazines and books about Italy. He has a large banquet hall downstairs for private parties, which can seat about 200 guests.


I must say the food is very good for the price. We went with the dinner menu special at $24.95 and it included an appetizer, pasta, dinner, and dessert. We started with Mozzarella cheese between bread with prosciutto and then baked, and finished with capers, garlic, anchovies, and olive oil. This was good, even though I am not an anchovy person. The taste was there.

We then went to our pasta dish. I had the Vermicelli with Meat Sauce. The sauce was just right, not acidic like you would find in a pizza place, and the meat was tender with no bone fragments. My wife had the Fettuccini Carbonara. The sauce coated the pasta lightly and the bacon gave it a nice flavor. Then the main course. My wife had the Chicken Piccatta. The chicken was tender and not too lemony like other restaurants, and the wine was cooked out so that you didn’t get that acid taste.

They could have used a little more capers for my taste, but not everybody likes too many capers. I went for the Veal Marsala. The veal was tender and cut with a fork, and the sauce was made with sweet marsala, which gives it a better taste. A few more mushrooms would have been nice. When it comes to dessert, I always look for the homemade items. They make their own Tiramisu, but that is all I saw. The other items were Imported from Italy. They were good, but nothing is like homemade.

Their kitchen was clean and the kitchen crew were friendly and helpful. Mario, Giovanni’s brother, is the head Chef. They take a lot of pride in preparing your meal. The food was top quality. They don’t skimp like some other restaurants that I know. They use choice cut meats and fresh vegetables. They even have a garden with fresh herbs and tomatoes. But one thing is for sure – this is your traditional Italian Restaurant!